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Shelly Overgaard

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hi, I'm Shelly. I'm here to help.

Helping people to achieve their full potential is my passion.Working with depression, anxiety, and gender identity issues are of special interest to me. In my nearly 20 years in the social work field, I’ve worked with a broad range of clients from pre-schoolers to the elderly, and I now focus on adults and young adults age 16 and up. I’ve helped homeless teen parents, boys and girls, men and women, people who weren’t sure who they were and people fighting to be recognized for who they are.  I have a special interest in young adults who are making transitions to college, real life, and adulthood.  I welcome transgender individuals and continue to increase my education on gender issues and resources.

I work from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic approach: thoughts and feelings influence behavior, and vice versa. I use a trauma-informed care perspective. In cases of trauma, when (and only when) I determine that you've progressed enough in your therapy and would benefit from it, I may also utilize my EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) training to help you process your trauma. I also use Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing to better understand what makes you

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